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#1: What to Expect When Booking a Boudoir Shoot

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A boudoir session, actually pronounced “boo-dwah”, simply boils down to being a luxurious photo shoot of one or more persons that empowers them physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally. People often do boudoir sessions as a gift of empowerment to themselves, a gift to a special person in their lives, as a celebration/recognition of some milestone in their life and/or sometimes just a reminder of what a total badass they are despite the tolls that everyday life has on them. Bonus points when its a 2-in-1!

Here’s a basic rundown of what you should expect for your shoot:

  • Planning: Get excited! Get with your photographer and design your shoot! What props (if any) do you want to be incorporated? Specific outfits? How do you want your hair and makeup to look? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being as modest as possible and 10 being 100% au naturel, what level of nudity are you comfortable with? What products will you be ordering, and how will you display them (or how will you present them if they’re a gift to someone else)?

  • Prepping: A few things to do in the weeks/days leading up to your shoot (ONLY if you want to, this is totally not required).

  • Start stretching regularly in the weeks leading up to your shoot to increase flexibility and stamina

  • Schedule appointments for any waxing you may want 2 days prior to your shoot

  • Schedule any nail appointments for 1-3 days before your shoot

  • Make sure any recurring self care routines you have fall complimentary to the shoot (ex: lash extensions, hair coloring, tanning, etc.)

  • If you don’t normally tan, consult your photographer before doing so and get their advice on how to go about it!

  • Any shaving that you would like to do should be done the night before/morning of the shoot!

  • Try not to wear any tight fitting clothing that could leave temporary markings on your skin the night before/morning of your boudoir session (ex: bras, panties, tight fitted athletic clothing, etc)

  • You can also be sure to stay on top of your hydration to minimize the appearance of these markings.

  • Partaking: When you arrive at the studio you might take a second with your photographer to go through any outfits you brought, or you might hop straight into the makeup artists’ chair! Let the pampering begin!! T-2hours (ish) until your shoot will begin! Once done, take a moment to gush at yourself in the mirror (this is also your prime time to ask the artist to make any adjustments to your hair and makeup if so desired, they will be absolutely happy to do whatever you need that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable).

  • Posing: This is where the magic happens! Your outfits are selected, you’re all glammed up and ready to do what you came to do! Boudoir posing is not always the most comfortable, but trust your photographer! They may do it automatically, but don’t be afraid to ask to see the back of the camera (this always makes my clients feel better about their positioning when they see that it is WORKING!!).

  • Previewing: This varies by photographer, but whether it’s a same day viewing (my preference) or you meet back with them in a couple of weeks, it is e x h i l e r a t i n g to see the final product. At your viewing session you can expect to see all of the final images from your shoot, make your favorite selections - if you can! If you’re indecisive like me just get them all LOL, pick out the products you want to put them in (ex: album, folio box, wall art, etc) and walk away with your digital files! General rule of thumb is that products take 6-8 weeks from the time of ordering to delivery, but your photographer will keep you updated on what to expect there.

WARNING: Boudoir shoots may result in feelings of empowerment, spiritual awakenings, and revelations of self worth. These are known side effects that are welcomed and enjoyed. Please consult with your photographer for scheduling your next shoot to keep it going.


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